Monday, July 14, 2008

LI Children's Museum

From within the depths of the mini-van

Mom: "So, what are the Museum Rules?"

EFP: "Use good walking, no running"
EBB: "Listen to Mama"
EFP: "Use inside voices, no shouting"

From Sign just inside museum:

Do Run
Do Shout
Do have a blast!

Seriously! We met our friend A and her little one R at the Children's Museum and we had a BLAST! (We always follow the rules!) The kids just thought it was the best.. and why not!? They had fun in the bubble room, the music room, the physically challenged demo house, the sand pit (not my all time favorite,) the construction room, the geometric computer manipulatives, etc. We had so much fun that we may just have to do it again really soon. It was worth the trip!

Pinata Pinafore GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Pinata Pinafore GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Ice Cream Social Frock Giveaway!!!!

Ice Cream Social Frock Giveaway!!!!

This blogger - who is muy talented is giving away a gorgeous dress - fit for an Empress if ever I saw one!


Italia Tagged Me! Italia is my Beijing Bathroom Break Buddy! You can read our "meet cute" at Italia's blog!

I have to describe my life in six words and then tag five people for them to do the same. If you're up to the challenge (and fun), here are the rules........ you need to describe your life in six words, link back to me, and then tag another five people. Leave them a comment to let them know they are tagged. It really is fun.

Incredibly Blessed Chaotic Family Loving Living!!

I tag Michele, Sissy, Beverly, Amy S, and Kelly!!

We are all doing great - just busy!! More later of Imperial Doings....

Empress Fussy Pants

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