Friday, July 24, 2009


Life is hectic! No question about it. Two kids, two working parents... and a lot of blessings in the form of friends and family events. The kids are both happily settled for the summer. EFP started in her new school (close to where I work) and EBB is in Summer Day Camp - the first week was not so great.. but now he has made a few friends and we have explained to the camp director - what is what and all is well. I am sort of settling in at my new job. It is weird to be starting over and yet not starting over. I suppose that is the benefit of working at such a large place.. there are places to go and things to - in other areas or departments so it is like starting over - but with some history.
My new position has a great deal more responsibility - higher level authority and some back story that makes it difficult to get a handle on things at times. I am lucky though in a sense because just about whatever I decide (because there is no written history really) seems to be OK. I am navigating OK - watching for the obstacles etc. The people I work with are quite nice.. I fit in quite well - which is saying something. The kids seem to have adjusted to the new state of being also.
Moving EFP seems to have been a good idea.. scary a$$ trip to the ER and 4 Staples ... aside! She really seems to like it and the kids are great. I don't much like packing lunch everyday - for both kids - but it does seem to provide a more nutritious vareity of foods and I do get more say over what they are eating. EBB still wants to eat noodles more days than not.. but I am getting him to eat lots of other stuff too.. veggies, fruits, yogurt etc. so it is all good. Now to put into place my new diabolical plan of placing strategic notes into their lunch boxes with love and other fun stuff!!
We also added to our family. TWO KITTENS!! One is the (you guessed it!) an orange stripey girl named..... Stripey and a dilute calico (that is a Tortoiseshell with any white is usually called a Calico - and a dilute is paler) that is mostly white with little Calico spots who we call... Spotty (though I call her Puff Kitty) and we are just loving the uproar. We did have a pet challenge right off the bat as Spotty spent a few days in (outrageously expensive) emergency Animal Hospital for a disease we now know is "Kitty Fever NOS" (not otherwise specified) and has no known origin but takes the life of many a kitty. NOT this one I am happy to report. Our Free Kitty is now guaranteed gold standard!! We still miss our Cali though. And Eeks and Zan as well. So we are happy - but nostalgic about our new additions. Pics soon!
Well - that is all for now..

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