Sunday, June 17, 2007

What's up?

Life - or the business of living it, that is what! We have been so busy... mostly in a good way. We have a new schedule that some of us appreciate more than others of us, since it requires that some of us get up at the crack o dawn. I am working 4 days and trying desperately to be on time in the morning. Some days I am somewhat successful at it. EFP seems to like being up in the morning with both of us. Daycare has been a bit of a struggle though - in true 2 year old fashion EFP decided she would rather NOT have Mommy leave. It isn't that she wants to leave with me... no. She wants me to STAY and PLAY all DAY! I mean she loves her class and all her friends - she just wants her cake and eat it too.. if Mommy would just stay and read her books, and play her games and feed her snacks and give her juice and water (Only Mommy gets the juice water balance just so!). and hugs and kisses all day.

I would too. I really would - but they only have these little chairs see. Anyway - it has already started to be a hectic summer and work is still mostly crazy. I mean I am crazy busy. Otherwise - we are trying to have fun. Working on some projects. trying to stay positive on some fronts. I mean it is fairly easy to get discouraged at times. Friends aren't who you think they are... work is stressful. Even when you are trying to do something nice... Months and Months ago I had arranged to distribute some blankets... and they are only taking them 5 or 6 at a time... so it requires a separate trip every 4 or 5 weeks only to deliver a few blankets. I had hoped to donate the whole lot - but apparently construction has eliminated all the temporary storage available and so my garage is the holding area. I don't mind - but now that the parking area is all messed up it is quite a project. Oh well. At least I get to wash and dry and wrap them each time. Not such a big deal, considering.

Still trying to work out the car thing - oh, yea I got hit. Pretty clear cut accident - I got rear-ended on my way to work about 2 weeks ago. Thank goodness for insurance - hers and mine. It was her fault and thankfully she was nice enough to admit it to her own insurance company - now its just a question of hauling the thing in to be repaired. Of course the important thing is no one was hurt and it was after I had dropped EFP off at her center.

EFP is growing by leaps and bounds. She is 33" and 29lbs. Last Saturday I took her for her first 'official' haircut.. she is a girly-girl all right! Nails AND hair all in one day. She had her first Popsicle a few weeks ago - and that was fun! She is liberal with the kisses and hugs and says "Love You" all the time... she is still the silly funny baby who cracks me up... she says funny stuff all the time... she is counting up a storm... and she really understands what it means. I thought she was just repeating but I tried her out and sure enough she can honestly count! IN English and Spanish and Sign! She is so amazing... everyday is the best day with her.

Busy Times!

Who knew that our social life would get so hectic - not for us though! Mostly for our Empress, naturally she gets to go to all the best parties. This weekend alone we got our nails done, went to a very windy picnic and then attended a family fete in honor of Father's Day. EFP made her daddy a spectacular giftie - a picture of her with daddy in a great frame with all sorts of animals on it. She also drew all over the card we gave to Papa. (DH's Dad) We went she played and we got to spend some time with our delightful niece and nephew... it was all good!!

By the way - does it seem like I am over compensating with the fancy hair flowers?? She tolerates my hairdressing - nothing more. She did wear a hat yesterday for the picnic - but it was too windy to wear it long. I will post pics of EFP's first Popsicle shortly. I am just too tired to go downstairs and get the camera! So these will have to do!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is definitely way more fun than prime time TV!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The end is nigh.....

It's the end of the world as we know it..........

Return of sticker girl!

Yes, it is true. I did it. I didn't want to and yes I fell in with a crowd that likes this sort of thing. I mean come on.... I mean everyone does it once, right? It's not like I was the only one and it's really harmless... I didn't even like it I only did it so we could be cool... I didn't want EFP to stick out and so today we drove to Chucks and went in. Yes, we ate the pizza and EFP had a little cake. She played some games and even cried when tickets didn't roll out of the egg game (for which she recieved a bonus of several tickets thanks to the kind worker). But I swear the whole time I was thinking what a bad idea it is and I should never go along with the (minivan) crowd again. And I won't. Not one more time and no one can make me. In short we attended a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's and I will never do that again. I am glad we went - wouldn't have missed this particular kid's birthday, but wild horses (or giant gray rats) couldn't drag me to that noisefest every again.

In the meantime - been sidelined with bad cold, DH down with it and battling some wicked respiratory infection, EFP had ear infection and this weekend instead of attending cool picnic at nearby park - I was suffering in food poisoning h-ll. In short it has been "casa de dolor a casa de mi! I have also been really busy preparing to teach a class this summer and working on another writing project - which I think will actually work. Busy Busy Busy!! Already looks to be a very busy summer!! Start working 4 day weeks and EFP will have 4 day daycare and on Fridays we will, hopefully, start a class together though I still havn't figured out which one.. gymnastics or music. Well - I need to get to bed. I will post more pics soon. Please check out my post on the Lupus Walk and if there is anything you can do to helps stamp out this awful disease... please please please do.

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