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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Conversations with my child and other drama

I posted this a little while ago... on a list a I belong to.. in response to some recent tough discussions between parents...  so in a way I guess you can say I re-posted this with permission - from me.*

Last night... I was actually wishing I could tape one of the conversations
my son lures me into.. so I could find out if I am getting it right/wrong/preparing him for a life of therapy/offering him the moon/selling him short... so I could post it here.. and get some feedback.. ... I mean I already told him it is ok to marry another boy - just not to talk about it in school... you know yadda yadda...

Then.. last night.... he proves to me that his heart... is probably too big for this life.. and that his love is pure and solid. A kid (we'll call him Schmick).. who has bullied our Emperor, ridiculed him, gotten him in trouble and made him doubt himself is having some issues... probably money issues (I mean his family not him - he is in second grade and still can't tell a quarter from a gagillion dollars) and so.. Schmick has an ant infestation in his back pack, lunch bag and desk.. a really bad problem. And the kids
in the class were horrified.. and yet many are eager to kill the ants.. but EBB says.. he felt sorry for Schmick cuz he has been having a rough time... and also he was concerned that some of the ants might be parents....or children and he didn't want to hurt them... which led to a big conversation about life, death, reincarnation, heaven and if, when I (his mother) die - (he mimics this motion) "would my hands be around my throat making awful choking noises.. or would I just immediately turn into a bunny or go to heaven and take care of all the myriad animals that are now presumably in the care of my (assuredly NOT in heaven) departed Mom... ? Seriously - I was thinking I was going to be in trouble with the Parents Association at school (at
least) for the whole DADT thing.. and now here we are in another verboten
convo - about reincarnation and heaven.. not to mention the whole
gratuitous action film death scene..

And all I could think was.... WWMLFD? (What Would My List Friends Do?)

And.. by the way... aside from the AWESOME Moderators without whom this
list would truly be unmanageable and non-existent (a small but crucial
detail) there are lifelines here.. real honest to goodness lifelines... we
(the few, the brave, the adopting) who have bumped into icebergs and needed
that floating door to hang onto... well... we asked and we were answered.
Some one asks and we throw them a door.. it happens... time and time again.
But - like any good group of people every now and then our aim sucks and we
get hit over the head with the door.. or maybe the door is a screen door
and doesn't float so well... still.. here we are.

I don't know which group I am in.. I try to be respectful... try to offer
what little I know... love to share the stuff I am sure I learned... and
grateful that when I needed the help I got it and I stick around in spite
of what can be uncomfortable at times.. (I mean have you TRIED swimming in
the arctic in a ballgown and corset?) because maybe... just maybe I can pay
it back a little...

Sometimes we have to be quiet... to listen more than talk. Sometimes we
need to be kind to each other and ourselves - for no other reason than we
are all here for the same reason.. we are parenting - we are not tributes
fighting to the death in a freakish dystopian teen novel made into a big
budget movie.. oh no!! Here we are back at the awful choking death scene

* And if you can tell that I cracked myself up over all the bad movie references.. then you will know why I had to repost!! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blessed by Adoption

I am temporarily pre-empting my blog (not that I have updated it recently anyway) to link to a really good friend of mine - who is waiting to bring home an 11 year old girl... when I say this this is a most worthy and deserving family it is an understatement...  her children are my children's favorite playmates... her house is my haven when stress is threatening to overwhelm me.. I need a reality check (Hey - I ONLY have 3!!) when I need someone who likes me just the way I am.. and who has one of the happiest, noisiest, lovingest, and inspiring families.. there are a handful of people in my life who are really amazing.. Please stop by there... read about her family.. buy a Blessed by Adoption Car/Window Cling... or even, say, THREE!! Spread  the word about adoption... help a little girl have a family that will change her life forever with love and fun... joy and belonging.. You may be transformed in the process!!


And a few cute pics of my 2 girlies!

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