Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Busy Bees!

I know, i know... I am a bad bad blogger. It has been SO CRAZY around here lately... between my new job (yay me) the kids' activities (yay them) our family and friends... we have hardly been stationery!

We are heading into summer and it amazes me that a whole school year seems to have come and is now going!! Can I just take a few minutes to (brag, gush, overdo) say how proud I am of my little boy? He has worked so hard this year... and still he smiles and is simply the happiest little boy! Just today he graduated Kindergarten! He announced at dinner.. that now that he has graduated he is finished with school and will go back to daycare with his sister! LOL We howled! Actually he will start camp in 2 weeks... :-)
Both kids have had loads of fun in gymnastics this year and Saturday we attended the end of the year exhibition... we are so fortunate to be parents to these two amazing children... I have had my share of tears before they came into my life... and nothing has changed.. except now they are tears of joy. I tear-up all the time... thinking how life lead me to this place, these children... and in case you think I don't have enough to be happy about.. well, here goes a sample! These are miscellaneous shots.. from a weekend away, a fun Asian Cultural event, the gymnkhana, and my son's award ceremony at school! Enjoy.

Empress Fussy Pants

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