Monday, October 06, 2008

Here there be Monsters

It must be the weather or something - but my kids have entered the monster zone - and frankly I think they may be deserving of gagillion minutes on the "Think About it Step"
EFP refuses EVERYTHING and is frequently able to say LOUDLY "I mad at you Mommy. You not nice. You no let me do what I want to do. You won't let me.........fill in the blank with

a. take off my coat in the pouring rain

b. eat fruity snacks for breakfast (or ever they are banned from this dentally challenged house)

c. not wear shoes in the mall

d. eat chocolate day and night

e. stay up till 2am, sleep on the floor, wake up and stay up at 3am, sleep on the couch in front of TV, watch TV all night"

YUP - that is right. I really am that mean Mom you have heard tell of. I just won't let EFP or EBB do anything fun - I mean it is not as if they cook with me, paint every other day, color, have brand new laptops on which to play brand new JumpSNart learning games, or, read books whenever they wish, have extensive sticker collections, are with me every second I am not at work, sit one me, lay on me, jump on me, hang off me, attach themselves to my leg, follow me everywhere (yes, even there!) so yea, I am the MEAN MOM!

Oh, and I won't let them have a dog. (Actually, I would let them - DADDY is the one who keeps saying NO! But is he MEAN Daddy - NO!)

EBB - while not nearly as monstrous as his little sister - but has entered the deep space nine of WHINING! His English is coming along great BUT the kid can whine like a native-born! All I hear all the time "She not sharing, that MINE, I want that, Where's mine? and the all time classic What about MEEEEEEEEEEE" EBB has become an American in every sense of the word - that is he insists upon his rights and equality at all times, and is vocal in his self-defense.

It really is a pity neither of my children can actually run for President. Petition anyone?

Oh yea, we now have a sticker chart.

Empress Fussy Pants

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Emperor Big Brother

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