Sunday, February 07, 2010

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

I really don't know where the time goes.... two kids, one full time job, MBA classes... etc. Life happens and the blog waits. Everyone is fine.. kids are great. We are well on our way to #3... we are waiting to review our homestudy... all our paperwork is in, we are waiting for our Letters of Good Conduct and then the fun begins! All that authentication and back and forths... well, it is what it is, right. I forget what a hassle the paperwork is while I am doing it... how aggravating.. worth it in the end.. but so annoying.

I sometimes wonder.. what it is about a particular child.. how does a particular smile grab you and before you know it you are helpless in the face of a child who, in spite of every nagging doubt, begs to be seen and then, there you are, on a plane to China. I am not allowed to post her pic here.. but I really think she is exactly the middle between EBB & EFP. That is - she looks like she could be sister to both.... (in looks at least) I know that this is it for us... not that I wouldn't do it a few more times.. but honestly, even this seems a little like chancing fate.. I mean I already have two great kids... we are in a groove, not perfectly mind you, but seems like life is somewhat manageable these days....

Not much happening on the house hunt front, that is I can easily find something to buy - not having so much luck in the selling this place front. I am going to have to use a realtor and hope for the best. Beyond the school front... our neighborhood just doesn't seem to be going in the right direction. Maybe it is the economy or my location - or the complete and utter paralysis that sets in when I even *think* about all that I have to do to really sell this place, but oh dear do we need to leave!!

We are heading into the home stretch adoption #3 wise. Our home study is nearly done.. we have assembled all the pieces (reordered certificates of birth, marriage, finance, medical, etc.) just waiting on Good Conduct - final final draft for review.. and we should be very close to going to USCIS. Whoopee! We have a range of choices for travel.. and I really can't say which way we will go.

Travel Options:
1. Mom travels with 2 Friends (favored option)
2. Mom travels with no friends (least favorite option)
3. Mom, Dad, EFP & EBB travel with 1 friend (sort of OK option)
4. Mom, EFP & EBB travel with 1 (or 2) friends (ok option)
5. Mom + 2 friends w/Dad for first few days to complete adoption (very ok option)

Since the whole trip is GuangDong (actually GuangZhou!) the whole time.. we can consider some options that we weren't able to last few times. Daddy is leaning toward the 5th option since he really wants to be there and this would enable us to have the full and final adoption then and there. We are fairly certain that the kids will be ok if they are together and with one or the other of our great friends, both of whom have offered to take the kids for a couple of days if it comes to that. Hopefully the timing will work out and any of those plans CAN happen. Otherwise - it is ME ME ME and my new baby girl. Frankly - the BEST reason to have DH along - is 1. his extraordinary SHERPA skills and 2. His willingness to get copious amounts of coffee as close to my mouth at whatever time in the AM it needs to be there!! One reason why I am REALLY thinking that the China Hotel (Starbucks in the LOBBY) may be the place to stay this time around!!

Otherwise - things here at Casa Imperial are normal. Two snow days in a row.. are driving me bonkers... but the kids are great. EBB is doing pretty well in school -he is getting it, making slow - but steady progress. It is true that there are no flash bulbs going off - we need patience, he is making up for all those years of deprivation, but it will take time.

EFP is, as usual, brilliant. She sings all the time - is really coming out of her shell a bit. Making nice friends and really going forward with leaps and bounds. I am nervous about her starting K - since our choice are restrictive parochial school or lackluster public K. Not great choices either of them - but that is what we have. Probably wasn't wise to add a child who would be the same age for 6 months and start K at the same time - since that does effect our choice. We have to put DD#2 in Public school since she will need some services: ESL, possibly speech - and who knows what else. I can't even go on with it.. just to much to think about.

Kittens are growing... and still insane. Spotty - very loving, weird attacking the floor at odd moments, pounces on feet, steals: socks, panties, hose, hair scrunchies. Stripey - carries a fleece mouse around in her mouth ALL the time, loving and cuddly, pounces on feet. Orianna is her usual dejected and pet demanding self.. and has gained back at least 5 of the 8 lbs she lost - probably because she has been eating the Kitten food instead of hers.

Work is still great. There are one or two people I could live without but they just add to the ambiance of the place to be honest! It is a very hectic job.. I never seem to have a dull moment or free moment or moment where I can think clearly! Luckily my two great friends are right down the hall and we have resurrected the "grab a bit for lunch" thing.. and that is working for now.

So that is my little update... I do have cool pics - but until I get this home network thing figured out and can get the pictures that are downstairs on the laptop upstairs to the desk top.. well, you know.

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