Friday, September 28, 2007

What's up with the fundraiser?

We have decided to raise enough funds for about 10 children to receive Cleft surgery while still in China in the hopes that families will be more able to match with them. Children need families and sometimes the families are reluctant to adopt a child who has needs they may not be able to meet. There are several organizations who are already working in China to provide these surgeries. How amazing will it be to be able to change the smile on a child's face - both by surgical AND magical means! Surgery means restored health and family means a whole new life and more love!! It is darn near breaking my heart that our son has been on multiple lists and not had anyone ask about him - simply because he has a cleft lip/palate. Now he is 6 and people might be even more reluctant to adopt... till we came along. Naturally - we KNOW that he was only waiting for us to see his handsome (and he is trust me!) face and know that with love all things are possible. We already love our baby tiger and now I hope that many other beautiful children will benefit from this effort. We will continue to raise funds till our trip - when we return with our son we hope to establish a fund to provide surgeries both in China and then once families are home with their children. No child should have to live in an orphanange because a loving family is unable to afford the surgery the child may need.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

You deserve some new pics of my darling girl!

Daddy Love & Jello - Life is Good!!

Beast of Burden - No, It's Elmo Goes for a Ride on Daddy's Head with EFP!
Crossing the finish line...

Riding in the lap of luxury - who doesn't love that little face!!!

These are the most recent pics.. taken before bed tonight and the other day before School, and at the diner after the horrible chicken incident (don't ask)!!!! Fresh off the camera.
My Baby - Home a few days! What a Munchkin!!!

What a great day for School!

My Baby all dressed up and ready to go to "school."

Well - people just melt when they see our little EBB's (Emperor Big Brother) face.. he is adorable and I am sorry I can not post his picture till we receive official notice from China that we are an acceptable family for this child. As soon as we get it - we will post believe me.

I have been contacted by some amazing families who had adopted from Gansu Province in PRC and so far the news is all good! In fact the first child who was adopted out internationally from EBB's Center came home recently so it is fairly new to international adoption. He is in a small center that has practically a 1 to 1 ratio of caregivers to children. The children are well-cared for and apparently they are sent to school in a nearby town or city - so we may be dealing with somewhat fewer issues that we expected. Of course I am not really sure what we expect in any case.. We have the medical situation well in hand with a medical team in place and feel confident that we can care for him medically. Scholastically - well we have some ways to go before I will say that I know what we can do for him - just in terms of speaking with the right people in our school district to determine what services are available and what he may need - given his situation (cleft and language).

We will be headed to a remote part of China this time and we are all excited about the prospect. I think we may be able to fulfil one of my own wishes - which we did not get to do last time since it was so far out of the way of our travel plans, that is, I really had wanted to travel to Xi'an and see the Terracotta Warriors. Well, this time we may be able to!! There are a few interesting places to see in Gansu and I am looking forward to the trip. Nervous about traveling without the big group we had the first time... which really was a blessing in so many ways. But I think having done this one time - and knowing we are in good hands with our agency, I don't feel stressed about that. Still not sure what to do about EFP. I feel sometimes I couldn't bear to be away from her at such a time and that of course we should bring her with us. Then I also have some (irrational?) fears of becoming separated from her and losing her in that large country... weird huh? Probably vestiges of the dreams I had while we were waiting - when I dreamed I left her in the White Swan Hotel and got on the plane without her... silly, right?

I am having some difficulties with work - at the moment. You might say - career angst. I have got to settle some things and probably make a change I have been putting off for a while. More on that later. I know I am behind in pix.. I have some, it has just been so crazy getting our Letter of Intent out and figuring out the home stuff that I have literally been too tired to go back downstairs (after the millionth final trip) to hook up the camera and down load. I will try harder tomorrow and post some new ones. IN the meantime - here are some oldies but goodies! I will say - that it will be tough being Mommy to TWO such gorgeous children and I am already in love with the idea of a little boy's adorable exuberance!

Monday, September 10, 2007


We have a SON!!!
He is 6 years old - waiting for us in Gansu!
We are thrilled beyond belief and so grateful to have been lead in this unexpected direction!
Love to all - pictures when we can!! We will email to dear friends and family!!
Love EFP, Mom & Dad

Saturday, September 08, 2007

What ever is going on over there?

Well - the new school year is upon us and we have been running like mad! EFP hardly notices anything different - so it is just my schedule that has changed. She is mourning the loss of our Mommy & EFP Fridays though. We are finally making some progress getting the house organized and I think I have found a handy-guy - we'll see.

There are big doings at work - we are coming up on a very important anniversary so there will be tons of special activities etc. I am excited but also kinda feeling a little overwhelmed. Anyway - we are undergoing some big changes here and will let you know when you can expect an update...

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