Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our new timeline.....

Here is where we are now.. waiting on USCIS Fingerprint appointment and eventual 171H with "Favorable Determination to Adopt a Child from a Hague Country" Then we can submit our Dossier to China and wait... there will be a few more steps this time. After we receive our "Letter Seeking Confirmation" or "Letter of Approval" (LOA) we must file the I800 Application for a Visa (for our child to immigrate to the US as a relative) and then there are a few steps before we get "Travel Approval" (TA) and can then apply for "Consulate Appointment" (CA) and travel to China to adopt our third and final child. I am having second thoughts about leaving our children home. I just don't think I can do it. Sometimes I feel I can.. but EFP doesn't even entertain notions of us going without her to get her sister "Marshmallow" just assuring me that she will love going this time. My son is apprehensive - and I am not sure what his feelings will be, having finally decided he does NOT want to return to China. I worry that he will feel like we are taking him back.. and don't know whether I should leave him home or take him with us.. with constant reassurance. I think we must carefully select who will accompany us on the trip - so it is someone he trusts and loves - to know that we all will return home together. I still only have the vaguest of plans to finance the trip if we all go.. but it will be what it is.


Extension of time to file - new deadline 5/27/10

USCIS I800A - 3/29/10
Deadline to submit Dossier 2/27/10
HS Final Visit 1/24/10
FP appt for HS Mom - 12/18/09
FP appt for HS Dad - 12/15/09
HS Visit 12/13/09
Pre-approval 12/1/09
Letter of intent Finalized 11/7/09 (My birthday)
Letter of Intent - More info requested 11/4/09
Declare intention to adopt again & Lock File 11/2/09

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