Monday, January 17, 2011

Creeping up on a month home.......

We bypassed our adoption one-month anniversary.... too chaotic to really mark the event, but as we inch ever closer to our one month is the USA  mark.. I see signs of improvement and wonder if my personally dire prediction of issues was premature. So far the tantrums have decreased substantially.. and now we have gone a bunch of days in a row with no really big tantrums. Still a lot of work to do.. tears everyday (except today!) but more recently easily taken care of. I am still running at the end of the popularity contest.. but I am getting better at dealing with it - portraying a confidence that soon things will turn around - I don't always feel.. but must show.

It is hard at times... wanting to help, to mother, to  nurture and make up for the years I wasn't there.. and to be continually rejected. This too shall pass.. I say to myself. It did with the Emperor - and he couldn't be a sweeter or more loving boy.. so I have hope that this will turn out the same.  Here are some fun pics of the kiddos!

Empress Fussy Pants

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Emperor Big Brother

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