Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blessed by Adoption

I am temporarily pre-empting my blog (not that I have updated it recently anyway) to link to a really good friend of mine - who is waiting to bring home an 11 year old girl... when I say this this is a most worthy and deserving family it is an understatement...  her children are my children's favorite playmates... her house is my haven when stress is threatening to overwhelm me.. I need a reality check (Hey - I ONLY have 3!!) when I need someone who likes me just the way I am.. and who has one of the happiest, noisiest, lovingest, and inspiring families.. there are a handful of people in my life who are really amazing.. Please stop by there... read about her family.. buy a Blessed by Adoption Car/Window Cling... or even, say, THREE!! Spread  the word about adoption... help a little girl have a family that will change her life forever with love and fun... joy and belonging.. You may be transformed in the process!!


And a few cute pics of my 2 girlies!

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