Monday, August 21, 2006

Why these are my two favorite girls...............

These are my two favorite girls in the world!! One is my daughter and the other is my god-daughter. They are both terrific kids but I have known one of them a whole lot longer than the other so I have loved her a really long time - all her life in fact!!

Here are my TOP TEN Favorite Things about Miss T:

10. Pink is also her favorite color (mine too!)
9. She has an innate and excellent sense of style
8. She tells great jokes and always has
7. She has an extremely kind heart
6. She always wanted to wear a crown and now she does - and she does it very well!
5. All girl all the time - hair, nails, shopping and very fancy parties!
4. She loves her Mommy, Daddy, litte brother and her whole family with her whole heart!
3. Because to know her is to love her - completely because she is passionate about everything she loves.
2. Those pointy toes, big cheesy smile, high knees and bouncy curls (even when they are fake!)
1. She is an intuitive, bright, strong, extremely talented young woman and she makes me proud to be her Aunt every day!

Here are my Top Ten Favorite Things about EFP:

10. Pink seems to be her favorite color
9. She is a very funny baby - with a real sense of humor all her own
8. She has a real desire to be helpful
7. Goodnight Moon is her favorite book (Brown Bear is a close second)
6. Her favorite time of day seems to be rocking chair time with Mama
5. Her other favorite time of day is when we sing in the car on the way to child care
4. The kid can eat - especially pasta of any kind or nationality
3. That baby smell, that baby smile and that baby laugh!!
2. That amazingly she does seem to love us an awful lot!
1. Because she is the best thing about life to date!

So there you have it! The top ten things I love about my two favorite girls!!!

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