Saturday, March 03, 2007

Total Eclipse..... (Last in the Series)

First Total Lunar Eclipse in Three Years
March 3, 2007

And you thought I was talking about how my EFP totally eclipsed our life!!!??? Well - yes! One year ago today we returned home with our 19.5lb Spicy Girl from JiangXi! Never have I been so happy to be home as I was this time last year. I was sad to leave China but really happy to get home to my creature comforts and begin the process of becoming a family of three. It didn't happy right away - we had jet lag and sleep issues to get over but it DID happen. And this whole year has flown by so quickly. Tonight I had to open the suitcase that we purchased in GuangZhou to get one of the Chinese outfits we purchased for EFP to wear tomorrow at the big FCC-LI Chinese Lunar New Year celebration and it brought back such memories - just looking at the items. I did not buy enough. Thank goodness we are going back (some time in the next 3 years) so I can buy all the stuff I did not buy last time. More pearls, more jade, more clothes, more more. Less squeaky shoes! They really are annoying after a few hours!

Seriously - EFP is amazing, more each day. She is my heart's darling and such a fun little girl. She sings all the time, shaping up to be a great dancer and already has a fabulous sense of humor. Aside from being incredibly sweet and all, she really is charmer.

I can't write more - have to be up pre-crack o'dawn. More later with pics!

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