Thursday, May 03, 2007

There is only one cute baby in the universe

and every mother has that baby. - Chinese proverb

Except of course that I really do. It has been an typical week I am still recovering from my illness and yesterday the Empress decided to puke on me (AFTER I got dressed for work) not once, not twice, but three freakin times!! And yes - there was just enough time between that I got cleaned and redressed three times before I realized she was actually sick and there would be no work or daycare. Turns out she has a mild ear infection and the crabbiness was due to the fever. GREAT! Then tonight I came home and my kissy face baby - planted kisses all over my face! I would say this is what it is really all about. She is feeling better - though her "ear ouches" which believe it or not is how I figured out she actually had an ear infection - she TOLD me!! Is this kid the smartest most adorable kid or what?

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asiangarden said...

Love the proverb!

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