Sunday, December 23, 2007


Here are some bonus pictures - some days are too perfect to last. One day in October we had the best time. EFP got to ride her first (real live) pony and she was so happy. She also got to play in a ball pit all alone and first - which frankly, is the only way I could stand to have her play in what I consider a kid-sized petri dish of putrescence. Anyway - I managed to capture some really great shots of my darling girl! We are otherwise spending a quiet holiday. Much of the family is down with some nasty virus - so we are keeping to the house. EFP has been sick and so we are not having the house of company we had planned and it looks like Christmas dinner will be en familigia..... I am making lasagna! I will post some cute holiday pixs on Christmas.. but for now isn't she cute!?

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Beverly said...

She is so cute. Christmas looks fun. Love the passie shots.


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