Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happiness is a warm crockpot!

I finally mastered one recipe in the new slowcooker swedish meatballs!! Using frozen meatballs no less! I served it with noodles and mixed california veggies and there were only yum-yum noises at dinner tonight! Finally! I had tried a few other recipes and so far they were not big hits... I had no recipe books though, so I remedied that and although this is my own version of Swedish Meatballs I think I followed the basic idea I got in the book. EFP surely like the little meatballs and, of course, the noodles. She is much neater at the table these days, though she has her moments when noodles go flying and it is still more messy than I would like.

We are very excited that a young friend of ours will be visiting again soon. We were delighted to host a small informal dinner (okay, it was pizza) for her last Monday and we are hoping this will be a regular occurence. I would even go so far as to say that we would love it if she were here every night for dinner... very soon!

So there are great goings on here at the Empress's everyday palace. I have discovered I am no good at selling items on Craig's List! I listed three things and so far I have only gotten one email and that was just a stupid question. I have been hoping to get rid of the futon in EFP's room to make room for a twin/daybed for our little visitor. I want her to feel at home whenever she is here, so I thought a nice new bed with her own choice of linens would be a good start. But - the Futon has to go. I do waver back and forth - it's really quite comfy and does provide a nice big bed for guests to sleep in - but I think its important for kids to have a bed of their own. SO the quest for a new home for the Futon goes on. I suppose if push comes to shove I will put it on the grad student list at work and some lucky student will be able to claim it. Its a really well-made futon so I can't imagine someone wouldn't want it.

We are otherwise in our usual mode - everything is crazy and we are running at full gallop all the time.......... and you should see how big our smiles are!!


Michele said...

Glad to hear that you and your visitor had nice time. Pizza is always a hit, but then again you are a far more creative cook than I am LOL.

Hope the futon finds a home soon.....I was wondering if I might put a bid on it for the play room.....hmm???? That might mean that I have to get rid of some of the toys lol, that might not go over so well............

Talk to you soon,
Love, Michele, Em and Alyssa

Lisa & Oliver said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. We were at the Jin Feng Hotel two months before you, in December 2005. Our duaghter was our Christmas present last year! Gonna be hard to beat, as presents go ... :)

David and Lisa said...

I bought a crockpot last year and everything I made so far is not that good. Would love the recipe for the meatballs. I'll trade you for some recipes from william sonoma- way to complicated for me and a crockpot. EFP is adorable!!!

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