Saturday, January 13, 2007

Why I am happy to be waiting again..........

10. Because waiting to meet my next child is simply the most amazing place to dream, plan and speculate.

9. So I have another reason to attend Waiting Family Meetings - cuz I am waiting!

8. Because kids are like potato chips - you can't just have one... (Okay you can have just one! That is ok also!)

7. OOH - More shopping!

6. Because now everything is doubled.. the wait, the times you have to apply for your 171H, the wait!

5. Because I know that at the end of all this one more amazing child will be here with us - with a Mommy and Daddy all his/her own!

4. Did I mention there would be shopping?

3. Because anything worth doing once is certainly worth doing again... and just as well!

2. This time we will be surprised when we are told we have a daughter/son!

1. Because of all the things I have ever done or ever been called - MOMMY is the BEST OF ALL!!!

On a side note - someone I love very much could use some prayers. Please say a prayer for my friend that she regains her usual strength and optimism. Friend, I love you and I will continue to pray and believe.


Joanne said...

Hi, I am thrilled you are "waiting" - congratulations again! It was so great to meet you last night! I think I know the friend you are talking about and, as I mentioned to her last night, I am also praying for her!

MomEtc. said...

Sending prayers for your friend! Sounds like she's going through a tough time.

I'm loving the shopping myself, but boy it can be dangerous! I've bought Pippi and Little Guy more than they need at this point and I just have to stop. Plus, for the first time, I've become interested in buying for myself! Probably because age 40 is only a year away. I've been spending money like it's water and I've gotta stop.

dublin said...

It's miserable having to wait so long...but, have you thought of SHOPPING to help pass the time?

Oh, and one more way to pass the time...YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!

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