Sunday, June 03, 2007

The end is nigh.....

It's the end of the world as we know it..........

Return of sticker girl!

Yes, it is true. I did it. I didn't want to and yes I fell in with a crowd that likes this sort of thing. I mean come on.... I mean everyone does it once, right? It's not like I was the only one and it's really harmless... I didn't even like it I only did it so we could be cool... I didn't want EFP to stick out and so today we drove to Chucks and went in. Yes, we ate the pizza and EFP had a little cake. She played some games and even cried when tickets didn't roll out of the egg game (for which she recieved a bonus of several tickets thanks to the kind worker). But I swear the whole time I was thinking what a bad idea it is and I should never go along with the (minivan) crowd again. And I won't. Not one more time and no one can make me. In short we attended a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's and I will never do that again. I am glad we went - wouldn't have missed this particular kid's birthday, but wild horses (or giant gray rats) couldn't drag me to that noisefest every again.

In the meantime - been sidelined with bad cold, DH down with it and battling some wicked respiratory infection, EFP had ear infection and this weekend instead of attending cool picnic at nearby park - I was suffering in food poisoning h-ll. In short it has been "casa de dolor a casa de mi! I have also been really busy preparing to teach a class this summer and working on another writing project - which I think will actually work. Busy Busy Busy!! Already looks to be a very busy summer!! Start working 4 day weeks and EFP will have 4 day daycare and on Fridays we will, hopefully, start a class together though I still havn't figured out which one.. gymnastics or music. Well - I need to get to bed. I will post more pics soon. Please check out my post on the Lupus Walk and if there is anything you can do to helps stamp out this awful disease... please please please do.


Michele said...

I also made that same naive mistake when Emily was about 2 and a half. I vowed then that I would NEVER return to that place and I haven't. We very conviently have "other plans" any time we are invited to a birthday party there. It is total chaos....and not the fun kind LOL.

Sorry we missed you at the picnic. Hope you are feeling better. See you Sunday!!

M and E and A too

Dayngr said...

OMG! I did it too and I swear I won't do it again no matter how bad the peer pressure is.

Jennifer said...

Grandma and Grandpa babysat over the weekend and thought it would be fun to take little N to CEC...That is all we have heard about for the past 24 hours. Thanks grandma... lol

David and Lisa said...

I hate Chuck's!! Way too loud and overstimulating!!

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