Sunday, June 17, 2007

Busy Times!

Who knew that our social life would get so hectic - not for us though! Mostly for our Empress, naturally she gets to go to all the best parties. This weekend alone we got our nails done, went to a very windy picnic and then attended a family fete in honor of Father's Day. EFP made her daddy a spectacular giftie - a picture of her with daddy in a great frame with all sorts of animals on it. She also drew all over the card we gave to Papa. (DH's Dad) We went she played and we got to spend some time with our delightful niece and nephew... it was all good!!

By the way - does it seem like I am over compensating with the fancy hair flowers?? She tolerates my hairdressing - nothing more. She did wear a hat yesterday for the picnic - but it was too windy to wear it long. I will post pics of EFP's first Popsicle shortly. I am just too tired to go downstairs and get the camera! So these will have to do!


amy said...

what stinking cute pics!

Beckyb said...

Could she be ANY cuter?!?! She is a doll!!

LaLa said...

As always the Empress looks beautiful!!!!

Lilly's Sissy said...

My name is Ally and I found your blog through Ladybugs and Dragonflies! I have a sister adopted through domestic adoption! Your little girl is to precious!

David and Lisa said...

I love the hair!!!

Michele said...

I never think that the hair flowers are too much LOL....but then again, looks who is talking....we always have to have "pretties" in our hair LOL.

She is too cute for words!!! And getting way too big :-(

Talk to you soon,
Michele, Mom to Emily (graduating from Pre-K tomorrow..sniff sniff...and crazy active cutie pie!!!

lpiccoli said...

Missy, she is getting so big!!!!!!!! Time sure flies. congrats on being DTC for # 2. That is great!!!!!!!


Joanne said...

Love the hair accessories - ALWAYS! I cannot wait to put "pretty's" in my Mia's hair - which will be sooner than we thought.... :)

Kimber said...

I am so glad that you left a comment on my blog. I used to check EFP all the time and I kind of lost track for a while. In fact, the other day, I called Kate Empress Fussy pants. My boys thought that was a HYSTERICAL nick name. She looks great! The hair accessories are looking good.


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