Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where is who?

"Mei Mei, Where are you?" I am not JOKING at all!! This is what EFP has been saying (more like shouting) all day! We have not said much about our second child - both because we felt that EFP is too young and the wait is too long... So, now what? And what if Mei Mei turns out to be Di Di? Yikes?!

We had so much fun this weekend... we took EFP over to a spot I know too well from childhood and had a scrumptious seafood dinner by the sea... EFP was truly impressed by the big boats and the gorgeous sunset over the water... she is so sweet and loving.. today was a veritable love-fest and I am overwhelmed by the depth of feeling and laughter that bubbles up whenever she starts the kissing and big hugs..... silly baby. My silly baby!

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