Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Tears streaming down my face, a blinky flashlight hits my head (3x) and screams of joy are everywhere! Flashbacks to a former life are playing in my head when I am not singing at the top of my lungs (oh, there was some of that in my flashbacks as well) and I am surrounded by about a million other doting parents and 3 or 4 million screaming adoring fans... at the Coliseum to see the Wiggles! I was teary because I was so grateful and so aware of how close we came to not being blessed this way... grateful that I can provide these precious memories for our child and so very aware of what a precious gift our daughter is and how very lucky we are.

We had a great time with our friends and the Wiggles really are amazingly entertaining. I wasn't annoyed once - OK, well getting hit on the head a few times by the large flashlight blinky thing - that was annoying. What was also annoying was the response from the parent... NOT I'm sorry or anything - Just "well, he dropped his flashlight!" But -such is the magic of the Wiggles that by the end of the show we were all great friends.... especially when the Red Wiggle strummed Led Zeppelin on his silly guitar... then tried some Hendrix and everyone over 30 was hysterical! My baby is a rocker so she was rocking out as well. I should take a picture of the gelt but - suffice it to say that she made out... there is nothing Wigglish that is not in my house at the moment... hey, I waited a long to time wait on line paying good money for plastic cr*p with the name of mythological creatures or in this case Australians on it!! I, indeed felt I owed it to the universe. In a way - as the kid who never got to go to the shows or get the goodies - I think I will turn out to be a bit more indulgent in this arena than most parents.

On a happier (as if!) note - we had to take EFP to the Imperial Physician today and she is 34" tall (75th percentile) and 29 lbs (90th percentile) so she is growing nicely. She told me this morning that her ear hurt (of course it does! We leave for our mini break tomorrow!) and so I scheduled an impromptu visit with her MD. Of course - I woke up with no voice so I also had an impromptu visit with the MD - WHATEVER.

We are having some fun... EFP has begun speaking in paragraphs and she is every bit as funny and smart as I suspected. She even tells jokes!!

EFP: Knock Knock

Me: Who's there?

EFP: Orange

Me: Orange who?

EFP: Orange Banana (followed by hysterical giggling - from both of us!)

We have dancing time every day and the other night we watched Happy Feet - and I am fairly sure that she is interested in become the younger, female and Asian Savion.... I wish! Delightful is just too mild a word...I am in awe of her all the time. She picked out some fabric (finally getting to finish my Quilt squishes) and I am going to make her some rompers for school. I am so looking forward to our little trip! Of course the ear infection will put a tiny cramp in our style - but I am sure that she will have more fun splashing about then dunking under anyway.

Some cute pix to amuse! The flowers are Stargazer Lillies - my favorite - and they finally bloomed in our garden. EFP was so happy to see and smell the beautiful flowers. The large person is Daddy - we were shooting pics on the most beautiful day... and our flowers in bloom and we were saying hi to neighbors and having a great time!!

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LaLa said...

Love the update...what a cutie pie she is. We never did the Wiggles...all Barney our first year we are all Sagwa...

Hope everyone is on the mend for your break : )

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