Saturday, September 08, 2007

What ever is going on over there?

Well - the new school year is upon us and we have been running like mad! EFP hardly notices anything different - so it is just my schedule that has changed. She is mourning the loss of our Mommy & EFP Fridays though. We are finally making some progress getting the house organized and I think I have found a handy-guy - we'll see.

There are big doings at work - we are coming up on a very important anniversary so there will be tons of special activities etc. I am excited but also kinda feeling a little overwhelmed. Anyway - we are undergoing some big changes here and will let you know when you can expect an update...


amy said...

excited and overwhelmed can be a good thing..Cant wait for the update

Michele said...

I know how the beginning of a new school year can be overwhelming. It will settle down, I am sure. Glad to EFP got into the swing of going to daycare again. I miss the part time schedule, I can relate with her!!

Looking forward to the update ;-)


JoAnn in NJ said...

I am looking forward to hearing the update!

Sorry no more EFP and Mommy Fridays's tough sometimes to readjust to a schedule (personally can't wait for my own to get back to normal!)


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