Friday, September 28, 2007

What's up with the fundraiser?

We have decided to raise enough funds for about 10 children to receive Cleft surgery while still in China in the hopes that families will be more able to match with them. Children need families and sometimes the families are reluctant to adopt a child who has needs they may not be able to meet. There are several organizations who are already working in China to provide these surgeries. How amazing will it be to be able to change the smile on a child's face - both by surgical AND magical means! Surgery means restored health and family means a whole new life and more love!! It is darn near breaking my heart that our son has been on multiple lists and not had anyone ask about him - simply because he has a cleft lip/palate. Now he is 6 and people might be even more reluctant to adopt... till we came along. Naturally - we KNOW that he was only waiting for us to see his handsome (and he is trust me!) face and know that with love all things are possible. We already love our baby tiger and now I hope that many other beautiful children will benefit from this effort. We will continue to raise funds till our trip - when we return with our son we hope to establish a fund to provide surgeries both in China and then once families are home with their children. No child should have to live in an orphanange because a loving family is unable to afford the surgery the child may need.

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Jewels of My Heart said...

What a loving post. I thank the Lord that your little guy finally has found his Mommy and Daddy.
God's Speed

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