Monday, November 12, 2007

Project Runway - Our Way

The Combined wealth of several small nation-states in plastic are on my kid! (psst check out her dance moves!!)

I swear she picked out that heart necklace on her own - because she wanted one like mine. (note: mine is small tasteful platinum 1ct diamond heart that DH gave me for a birthday a few years prior to her Imperial Highness's arrival and usurpation of the royal jewel budget for her own jewel needs).

At least this is what I am saying about this whole episode! I have been home sick a few days now, EFP has been under the weather (I will have to post about the rush to the MD and the drama - but be assured there is nothing wrong with my darling that an ice pop couldn't cure immediately!) She came home with a slight fever and as we had been scheduled home anyway I kept her in and watched - she seemed better, she went back to childcare - I had some back to back events and a lot of sturm und drang at work (foolishly I keep thinking I have an actual career - then I wake up) and I felt under the weather myself - by Friday I knew I had lost the battle. Surrendered and spent the whole long weekend alternately trying to get well and keep toddler from running amok and staying well. Well, she is coughing and although there is no fever - just a runny nose and cough. Then today - with a tiny bit of energy she decided to...well the pics speak for themselves!


Ladyblog said...

In some pictures your daughter and my daughter look so much alike! I asked her big brother who it was and he thought it was our daughter. Where is she from?

amy said...

what a sweet face

JoAnn in NJ said...

Poor EMP and Mommy!
Feel better soon!

I love the own little Princess loves going through MY treasure chest and pulling out the good stuff!

Work work work...why is it that we have to do that again? sigh!

Have a very happy Tday! Give us an update on Bo!

Love ya!
JoAnn and Kelsey

LaLa said...

What a cutie..glad all is well. Love that she wanted to be like Mommy : )

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