Monday, February 25, 2008

Let the Packing Begin!!

We are heading to China! We should be leaving around the 12th of March and spending a few days in Beijing.. then traveling to Lanzhou, Gansu and finally to Guangzhou, Guangdong!! Remind me to fall in love with a Guangdong kid next time!!

We decided to take a chance and spend 2 days or so in Beijing.. we will try to hit the Ming Tombs, the Great Wall (again!) and possibly eat Peking Duck (in Peking - how quaint!) and get acclimated to time change and all. I think EFP will appreciate the Ming Tombs with the large stone animals and although she may not appreciate the Great Wall - she has seen it in the Little Einsteins and will be on the look out for the Yellow Dragon Kites, Blue Dragon Kites and the Giant Emperor Dragon Kite... do you think she will be VERY disappointed? Anyway.. we have completed the big shop - have a veritable pharmacopiea to travel with and even some boy type underoos! Now I just need to get work over with... and all my other ducks in a row.. school wise and house wise! But we are so excited... We also realize we will celebrate EFP's 3rd birthday in China... yummy cake! Noodles and dumplings for the Empress! She will be so happy!

I am only freaking a little! OK A little more than a little, but still not much!


LaLa said...

YAY!!!! We went to Beijing two days early too and it helped so much. Have a wonderful trip!!! I am so jealous that you are heading back. Can't wait to follow along : )

Kelley said...

I am so excited for you!!! Hooray!!!!!

reprehriestless warillever said...

One step closer.....
Have fun packing!

MomEtc. said...

Woohoo! That's right around the corner. And, I think it's kind of neat that EFP's bday will be in China. We celebrated Pippi's first bday in China (remember how we got left behind! LOL!). You can all celebrate as a family and make a big fuss over EFP!

Joanne said...

Wow!!! I'm so very excited for you ~ will you be blogging from China???

MomEtc. said...

What I mean you remember when we couldn't leave Guangzhou with everyone else because Andrew had to retake his fingerprints??? It held us up another day while everyone else went to Beijing. I'm glad I can laugh about it now!

Cath. said...

Bon voyage!! :-D

Charlotte said...

I have 2 Guangdong kids and 1 Chongqing girl ! And when I got done with #2 I wanted out of GZ so bad ! Then after Chongqing I couldn't wait to get to GZ !

Enjoy every place you go !

We will be watching you !

Charlotte and crew

Cristy said...

Our daughter is also from Gansu! Congrats on your son, and have a wonderful trip! Lanzhou is a very primative area of China, very arrid and beautiful. We really loved seeing a less touristy part of China.

We brought our 35 mo old daughter with us and it was wonderful to see her with her baby sister!

Looking forward to following along!

Kate said...

Congratulations! I will be following your trip from PA!! How exciting!


PS....I didn't want you to think I am a stalker!! :-). I feel like I should know you...I didn't get to have lunch with you in Philadelphia right before we all got our referrals.....but the group of women you did meet are my homegirls. :-) You will have to make another trip to Philly again sometime so I can meet you too!

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