Thursday, February 28, 2008

"After you adopt where would you like to go?"

Main Street USA - Hong Kong Disney

We're going to Disney - Hong Kong Disney! We have our TA, our CA (3/25) and now we have the best welcome to the family EVER! We are taking the kids to HK Disney!

Are we the coolest parents ever or what? Yes, I know but, hey, in for a penny - in for a pound! How many times will we get to Hong Kong! Everyday this year there is a Lunar New Year Parade - Year of the Mouse - Fireworks and all... we must have the kids see that! Frankly - me and DH are SO FREAKING excited - you would think we were the children! EFP is going to repeat those awesome (usually reserved for Icebox Cake) words "This makes me so happy" and I will be one happy Mama!

We are flying into Beijing and touring the Ming Tombs and Great Wall (Mutiyanu) and eating Peking Duck in Peking... what a life! I hope that EFP will be appropriately bowled over. We are so happy to be bringing her back to her birth-nation in this way. Are there enough suitcases to pack all this happiness?


LaLa said...

How exciting!!! Have a wonderful time : )

Kelley said...

Wow! Those are awesome plans!! Be sure to plan some relaxing time, too, so that you don't get too much of a sensory overload! (I sure do wish that I could go, too!!!)

Meg said...

so so so happy for you! I followed you along when you were adopting EFP and how fun I get to watch you do it again! we used the same agency that you are using now to bring our daughter home- you will be spoiled by the guide in GZ- she is amazing- have a blast- you get to do it this time as a seasoned veteran!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this wonderful experience!

Your ethics class will be thinking of you and bashing Wal-Mart at the same time.

Global Girl said...

Have safe travels and a wonderful time :)

Kim & Jeff said...

That is just too much fun!!!! We actually thought about doing the same thing once we go! You are right there aren't too many chances to get there and since you are in the area might as well make the most of the trip!! Have Fun!!!

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