Friday, May 30, 2008

Songs in the Key of Life.....

Overheard from the backseat:

EFP: Mommy what's that?

M: It's a pond with a fountain!

EFP: A pond with a fountain? Are there duckies?

M: Yes, there probably are some ducks.

EFP: Mommy what's that?

M: It's another pond with a fountain.

EFP: Oh My God! That IS another pond with a fountain all right!
*I unintentionally left this part out earlier - so this is the rest of the conversation

M: Did you hear this at school? From your teacher or a friend? Who says Oh My God, EFP?
EFP: I do Mommy
M: EFP, do you know who God is?
EFP: Yes
M: Who is God?
EFP: Daddy (I can assure you having been married to him lo these 10 years - he most certainly is not.... but it is nice that she thinks so.)

Same Backseat - different kid!

EBB: Mama?

M: Yes, EBB

EBB: Mama, EBB So Happy!

Overheard in the kitchen:

EFP: Mommy, chocoate pudding makes me so happy!

From "elsewhere" in the house at around 7:00 AM EST:

EFP: Let me see if I got dis. If I put my pee pee in the potty I get a chocolate? Poopy I get 2?
M: Yup! That is right!!
EFP: I needa go pee pee now!
M: Yea! Let's go!

5 minutes later 7:05 AM EST

EFP: Mommy, if I needa go pee pee again - do I get anudder chocolate?
M: Yes
EFP: I needa go again

5 minutes later 7:10 AM EST

EFP: I needa go again

5 minutes later 7:15 AM EST

EFP: I needa go again

Seriously - she has figured out how to buck the system for chocolate!

Heard in the bedroom:

M: It is night-night time EFP...
EFP: I not go night-night tonight
M: Oh, no night-night at all?
EFP: No. I not.
M: You are not sleepy?
EFP: Yes, I sleepy. But I not go night-night!!
M: Can you tell me why you don't want to go to bed?
EFP: Yes. It not fun. I needa play and do pee pee for chocolate.

A few minutes later, same bedroom:

EBB: Night Night Mama
M: Night Night EBB! Love You!
EBB: Love YOU Mama! EBB love family and Mama!
M: (brushing tears aside) I love you EBB and I am glad you are my family!


Beverly said...

Well looks like EFB has you all figured out or at least the chocolate. and EBB=Awwwww!

Alan & Jodi said...

You need to either sell a book with these "words of wisdom" or take your show out on the road! Thanks for sharing a little view of the world when children are in it. We're still waiting for our little EFP from China...

Michelle said...

Beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

this was the sweetest read yet ...

Doug and Terrye said...

Oh how precious! Thank you for letting me peek in the window of your home and see how sweet your children are.

Terrye in FL

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