Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Great Wolfs & Wagons

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream truck rides!

Yummy! Fish! On a Bagel - how'd they know?

Yummy! Grits with sausage gravy - well - it's not congee but it will do!

Story-time central - the animals sang and the kids sat rapt!

The kids loved the talking moose and Native American maiden - the story after wasn't bad either.

This is just ONE area where the water did everything but cook lunch!

This is a wave pool with fountains and everything!
Sometimes the water did surprising things - Even EBB enjoyed himself!

We had a great weekend in PA at the Great Wolf Lodge with some great buddies from our local FCC and it was a blast! Of water... and fun! The kids could not have had a better time... I would recommend this place to anyone with kids who like water. We spent Saturday all wet - all day! From about 10:30 am till about 6 pm the kids did not take a break! No naps, no lunch (luckily we had a very hearty breakfast) and not dry for more than a few seconds! I must say the set up is amazing - there is no reason to go anywhere or do anything else once you have entered the wet-zone, though when the kids are bigger there are other activities they can participate in - magic quest, cub club etc. But the water park - had so many different areas.. you do need to pay close attention though because there are some surprising things that happen every so often and word to the wise - every single noise has a meaning.. so stay aware or risk getting a soaking!!

After we returned from our little sojourn into the PA mountains the weather was so amazing - that DH took the children for a evening wagon ride - I admit I look forward to this little excursion (yes, I admit, I like the peace of having all three of my kids out of the house for a few minutes!) and so the three of them went around the complex in the wagon. Here are my adorable babies mugging for the camera!


amy said...

What wonderful pictures. Looks like great fun!

Beverly said...

Looks like fun. Cute pics of those cute kids.

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