Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The first day of the rest of his life.......

Posing with Mei Mei
My Big Brave Boy!

He is hoping his Diego backpack will change into a light aircraft so he can boogie at lunch!

Here is the entrance to his school - I had to bully a security guard to allow me to park by the door!

Rico Suave in his classroom - what can I say?

Well, we all survived the big day. EBB decided he wanted to stay home with Mommy (which truth be told, alternately delighted and devastated Mommy) yay - boo. But we talked it up and made it sound SO EXCITING! He was happy that Mom and Dad and little sis were all together (kids really are ALL about the simple things!) in the car. We drive to the school and I bully the security guard and park out front (We are half an hour early) and when I get into the office I got two shocks! One, I know the school social worker AND at the last minute his teacher changed AGAIN! I was really ready to have a heart attack right there in the crazy busy office - I guess the secretary was concerned because she called over the Principal and she offered to take us up to EBB's classroom and introduce the last minute sub-in. We trudged up the three flights to the HOT classroom and (you will never guess....) I meet the teacher and SHE IS A NEIGHBOR I KNOW! I am so happy! The aide and assistant are just warm wonderful people (you know for day one that is) and he really seemed to like them all. The Teacher, Ms. S is soft-spoken and calm. I have been buying girl scout cookies from her adorable daughter for years.... so a huge sigh of relief!

Then the end of the day - I landed at the school with DH at the appointed hour and they called my dear boy down and all of a sudden there he was down the hall looking for me and daddy... it was so sweet. He said he didn't like Kindergarten and still wants to stay home with Mommy or go to my office (GREAT!) but the assistant said he had a great day. Who knows. When we got home one of my worst fears was realized - his lunch and snack were completely uneaten. My poor little guy! I am not sure if he didn't know - wasn't told or if there is some less sinister explanation (maybe he wanted a turkey hot dog at the cafeteria) like someone bought him lunch.. I freaked out completely. Also ALL his school supplies were still in his backpack and his milk money untouched. YIKES! What have I done? My baby starving in kindergarten - with several bottles of untouched white school glue. I became Lady Bountiful handing snacks here and there to be sure he wasn't hungry - and then sent him off with DH to the MD. He has grown from 38" to 39.75" and he now weights 43lbs - I am so thankful for that inch and three-quarters and three pounds. Maybe I won't have to shop for next year's school uniforms in the toddler section. You just never know.

Finally - after my darling girl continued her big success we decided to dine a la famiglia at a local Italian place and the kids did a number on some pizza while DH and I pretended to be serious and eat some veal and pasta. My chillies ate a LOT of Chocolate Gelato - fell asleep in the car on the 10 minute ride home and were in bed in a flash - poor EBB was so tired he begged to sleep in the car... LOL. All is quiet on our family front and all in all I feel his first day went very well. I did write the teacher a note about the lunch situation, offering to help out in any way I can (I mean. hey - I can easily stop for cupcakes on my way... ) and explain that his smile - though genuine does not necessarily mean he is ok or agreeing to requests. I hope I can figure out this kindergarten thing before winter recess. I just hope that things go well for him... I do love my happy little boy and darling girl to pieces and just want all the very best for both.


Monica said...

That is so cool about the teacher your son wound up with! What a blessing!

LaLa said...

Happy he has a teacher you know and like. I too would have been so sad about the lunch/milk thing. Of course Miss Annslee wouldn't miss a meal so I don't really need to worry about that LOL

Sounds like a great first day had by all!!

I had to smile about the car thing. If for some reason Daddy and I need to take separate cars somewhere it really bothers Annslee...she wants us all in the same car!! They really do love the simplest things.

Anonymous said...

How cute. He looks such like a man. I can't wait until our adoption goes through. My wife and I are getting our paperwork from

I think it's only a matter of time until the paperwork's done. Then some more waiting, but we're close.


Michele said...

I am SO happy that things worked out with the teacher situation. I know how worried you were. Will she be there for the entire year? Also, sooo sorry to hear about the lunch and supply situation. I would have been upset too. I know that the first day is crazy, but the cafeteria aides should know to help the kindergarteners. The teacher probably didn't even realize he didn't eat.
Big hugs to all,

C said...

The first days of school are stressful!! He sounds like a survivor and smart, so he WILL figure it all out. I"m sure he will eat his lunch very soon.

Such a warm and wonderful family you have. Warm wishes to you all.

Beverly said...

hope his school days are much better!

Heather said...

He looks like such a handsome little man! I hope he loves school!

Oh and congrats to the Empress on the potty training! I love the crown!

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