Thursday, September 04, 2008

Life of the Potty

Introducing Empress Pooparella, Princess Poopy Beauty, Princess Poops-a-lot... (she came up with these!)
Here she is replete with BRIBES - first she got the crown, tonight the necklace/bracelet/earrings and tomorrow - the dress (angels singing in the background!) I am booking an appointment with the Photographer to capture this historic moment in time... oh,she also got a cup nearly full with M&Ms - hey, whatever works. We had a Mommy & EFP day today. She had a slight fever - probably due to vaccination. It was wonderful!
Day two for my boy - he was absolutely exhausted. The lunch mystery is solved - he did eat the turkey hot dog. Fine... so he wants hot lunch everyday - fine by me! I got a very sweet note from his teacher who is actually Ms. G - not Ms. S as the hall lady tried to convince me. The security guard was actually NICE to me this morning. Things are so looking up!


Michele said...

SO happy that EFP is so into do her business on the potty lol. THRILLED to hear that the Emperor DID eat that day. I was sick thinking he went ALL DAY without eating.


Anonymous said...

All hail Empress Pooparella. She is too cute for words.

She has conquered the potty and the hearts of many. May she have a long prosperous reign.

Those are too fun.


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