Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some answers to stupid questions:

1. No - I did NOT order a matching set. (Seriously?)
2. YES - They are brother and sister - if you doubt it, come by when one of them gets a new toy.
3. No, it is MY LUCK. (No, really).
4. Why do you ask?
5. Don't you think there are some questions that are just to personal to ask of strangers - no matter how cute the kid?
6. Yes, they BOTH know they are adopted. HELL -OO!
7. Yes, they also know their sibling was adopted. (DUH!)
8. Yes, I am sure they WILL be good at Math... and Reading, and Social Studies, Science, Music, Art and lots of other things as well. (Ya gotta be kidding me, right?)
9. No, I just wanted to be a Mom.
10. THAT information is private - but yes, it is possible to adopt a male child from China.(Obviously!)

I just can't thank you people enough - for making my job as a Mom (in the grovery store, home goods store, gas station, library, book store and pediatrician's office) even more enjoyable. Thanks for asking insensitive questions IN FRONT of my children - as if they can not hear or understand what you say. Thanks too, for putting YOUR expectations of what a family is, what a child will be good at, what world issues YOU are familiar with and YOUR OWN VALUES on my situation - with no information whatsoever. Thanks also for pointing out that difference is its own reward with personal questions, assumptions, stereotypes and a few unproven anecdotes to formulate what has got to be the litany of silly, inappropriate and far too personal questions - the answers which, change nothing, embarrass my children and frankly reveal YOU to be the narrow minded archetype I know you to be!!!!!

To the people who merely complimented my children on good manners and adorable selves - Thank you, I needed that!


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

As the mom to my Dynamic Duo, this post hit very close to home. This is my daily experience as well...UGH! I am not even amazed anymore at the massive amounts of ignorance that we face. I am still saddened though. I want so much to protect my children from all of it but will have to be satisfied with arming them with knowledge and building a sense of their place in the world.

Thanks for the great post!!

Jennifer said...

You said it so well Missy! I can't believe the things random strangers say to me in front of Katie.


col said...

Sorry Sissy, it must have been a really bad day. I love you. Sissy (and your two perfectly behaved, loving siblings without rivalry, always spotless, with manners that Emily Post would brag about....children!)

MKBookWorks said...

Actually - they are just your average-normal-as-well-behaved-as-the-next-kid-kids... but honestly I would wish that was all the attention they attracted sometimes.... even if I think they are cute & Sweet!

Heather said...

Ugh. What is it about adoption that makes people think that the normal rules of etiquette do not apply? And, yes, that is actually a response I use when I do battle in the grocery stores with insenstive strangers.

lpiccoli said...

Ohh Missy, I am so sorry!!!! I have heard all of it and some!!!!! People are just ignorant and rude!!!!!

Your kiddos are adorable and I know yo are doing a great job rasing them.

The heck with the rest of the people.

I tagged you - check my blog!

Hugs from GA,


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