Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tricks or Treats!

The Queen Mum & Purple Plum Pixie Fairy Princess

The Empress as Purple Plum Pixie Fairy Princess

One Happy PPPFP!

Hmmm.... a toad or a newt? Let me think.....

My Smiley girl!

My pirate in the Parade - along with Classmates.

Auntie, Uncle, Niece & Nephew

Ahoy Me hearties! My Boy with his K Teacher!
*Shortly after this pic was taken the big top tooth fell out. EBB still doesn't really "get" the Tooth Fairy - but he does think it is funny that presents show up! You think that is great - try explaining a big fat guy in a red suit that sticks a bike under a tree in the house in the dead of winter for no reason! I dare ya!

Daddy & A Pirate in Parade

My Boy! Had no idea what was going on but had a blast anyway!


amy said...

fun pics. check out those smiles

Michele said...

Aww, love the pics. They look so cute and like they had a ball. Miss you. Hope to see you soon!!


Jennifer said...

Looks like the kiddis had a great time!!!


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