Sunday, January 04, 2009

Things that make you go hmmm......

While driving in the car past the holiday lights....

EFP: Mommy, look a giant Christmas tree with lights and a star on top!!!! Look a volcano! (lights on the roof of a local gazebo)

In the kitchen....

EFP: I went pee pee can I have a chocolate?
M: No, you are great at doing pee pee and have been for a while. No more chocolate for pee pee!
EFP: Dam-mit!

In the living room......

EFP: I want 3 white doggies and 3 stripey kitties. I think Santa is going to bring dem - I have been very nice and not naughty at all.
M: Well, maybe EFP, but remember we talked about how cold it is on Santa's sleigh and that Santa doesn't bring REAL kitties and doggies - only stuffed one's so maybe you will get some stuffed doggies or kitties.
EFP: Well, Mommy, Santa can do anything and I bet he has some stripey blankies he could wrap the kitties and doggies in to keep dem warm and so I think you are not right so I am going to tell Elfwin* and I think Santa will bring dem.
(*Elfwin is our Elf on the Shelf - Direct from the North Pole)

At the store.....

EBB: I want some trains. I like trains.
M: Okay - EBB remember Mommy told you about getting presents for Christmas and your birthday?
EBB: Yes, but......
M: but what honey?
EBB: I want them now to play with!
M: Well, write to Santa and ask for some trains to play with. OK?
EBB: No, I don't want to write to Santa!
M: Well, how will Santa know what you want?
EBB: You tell him!

(His English is really coming along and his attitude - well, the less said about that the better! Right where it should be - boyish and cheeky!)

M: Time for bed EBB!
EBB: No!
M: No? I said it is time for bed - come on let's brush teeth and get ready for bed.
EBB: No. I don't want to.
M: You don't want to? How come?
EBB: Because I said so. (hmm.. may have used this one a time or two lately.....)

EBB: I want noodles for breakfast.
M: Uh, Noodles?
EBB: May I PLEASE have some noodles PLEASE?
M: OK - but then no noodles for lunch.
EBB: No, I want noodles for breakfast and lunch - a lot.
M: EBB - that is a lot of noodles!
EBB: It's OK, I like them a lot!
(can't argue with that logic!)

My two are the silliest - but their logic is unassailable!


Kelley said...

So funny!! Happy New Year!

Michele said...

Happy New Year. They really do come out with some winners. I hope you had a good week.
M, E, and A

Beverly said...


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