Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Throwdown with EFP & EBB

The pictures say it better than I ever could!

Santa left some cookies? Huh? Well, to be fair he DOES have to eat a LOT of cookies! And the reindeer appear to be leaving bits as well! So the chillies will eat what is left!

My Big Boy on his two-wheeler!

My Big Girl on her two-wheeler!

Thing 1 & Thing 2 (or "we want to wear our PJs to Nana & Papa's house!")

"I've wanted this my WHOLE life!"

Look what Santa left for me under the tree - with Bows and all!

She was SO happy with this jewelry box from her "brudder" - but later confided in my that "Mommy, it's nice, but it's just not big enough!" When I inquired how big the jewel chest should be - she thought about it and put her hand about a foot over her head 'this is good!' OMG a girl after my own heart!

Cars, Cars, Cars!
A giant loud car that goes! YEA!

All in all a successful and Happy Holiday! Next year - more bags, more sleep and just plain MORE!


amy said...

Love the smiles...such precious pics

Michele said...

Looks like fun. The girls had fun playing with all of the fun things too. Next time, my house! Love the matching PJs. I love matching. Not going to get away with it much longer LOL.
Love, M, E, and A

Beverly said...

sweet great memories

Jennifer said...

Looks like the kids had a BLAST!


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