Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow Day!

Winter Wonderland!

It snowed - A LOT! (EBB's favorite add on to every sentence is A LOT!)

Take one boy, add 3 layers, a silly sense of humor and VOILA! You have Snow Boy!

She has been waiting all winter to do this...
then decided snowflakes are not that great tasting.

Yes - I promise these are MY kids - somewhere under all that!!

Snow Stats:
How many inches = 12"
Temp = 10
Layers of clothes on kids = 3 + Outerwear & boots
Time to dress = 20 minutes
Time in snow = 10 minutes
Snowballs thrown = 3, 2 by Daddy
Cups of Hot Coco w/marshmallows = 2
Happiness = Priceless


monica said...

Very cute!

Michele said...

well its about time you posted some picture!!! So cute. The girls had fun too. See you next week. Lets hope the snow is DONE falling for the season!!!


Laura L. said...

Wow! Twelve inches at once! Lucky you. :)
Love these pictures. I bet they had so much fun.
Yes, don't you love how it takes forever to get them all dressed for the snow and then they're only out there for a few minutes?

Mama Duck said...

Glad to see some new posts! Love the pictures!

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