Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of School 2010 (First Day of Kindergarten for EFP)

In a Catholic School in a galaxy far far away.................  two children began the 2010/2011 School Year..  this is their story.. (DA Dum.. )
Dressed for Success and Ready to Go!!
Seriously - how do I keep taking pics of closed eyes!!
My Handsome Little Man!
Sweet Boy... grew 5 inches this year!
Sweet Girl.. hard to believe she is 5!
My Darling Empress
I love this face.. oh, heck I love this GIRL!!!!
Now HERE are my Silly Chillies!
Such a happy little guy!
Now this is coloring I can sink my teeth into...

Already measuring! And she is only in Kindergarten!! My Little Empress Smartie Pants!
Last peek at the two best kids ever, anywhere!!


Joy said...

Two beautiful children! I love their uniforms. I hope they had a great day.

Anonymous said...

I know you use pseudonyms for your children on this public blog, but you do know that your daughter's name is visible in two of the pictures above right?

MKBookWorks said...

Thanks anonymous.. but that is not my daughter's actual name. The teacher did not put her name on her things. I will revisit this though..

Catherine Mackie said...

I love your blog and I think your kids are lovely. You are very blessed to have them. Congratulations on No. 3. In addition to our adult biological children my husband and I have a foster child who is both the light of our lives but also a massive challenge at times. I am South African and invite you to visit my blog at if you would be interested in finding out a bit about life in my country.

sa said...

They both look SO CUTE!

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