Monday, September 20, 2010

GUZ Letter & Exactly Who IS Traveling.....??

We got the letter that says that our letter with our I-800 approval has been sent to China. Yea. One more step in this journey of a thousand (bureaucratic) steps.  In the meantime - we are in the process of deciding that we should not all travel this time. Aside from the cost which is huge... the kids are still getting adjusted to school and their new routine. They would miss the whole month of December - which is a BIG deal in parochial school - and frankly, the best time of they year there.  While I will HATE missing all the fun with my children, I think they will do better if I go by myself (with a friend) and leave Imperial Daddy home with the Imperial Chillies and they can stay in school and participate in all the fun winter holidays.  It is a tough decision.. I know that it would be good to have at least one child with us.. it does help with getting the new child acclimated.. and I really do miss my kids when I have to travel for work and stuff.  But there are some very compelling reasons to keep them home and go alone. I wish I could figure it all out.. make exactly the right choice.. but it is rarely so clear.

Mommy and Emperor - Is he handsome or what?
Chillies being silly on top deck.... 

EFP "I know who that is! It is Lady Livery!!!"
EFP: "I asked for a crown because, after all, I AM a Princess!!" Yes, my dear you certainly are!
Imperial Daddy and Empress at ShangHai Delight.. soup dumplings YUMMO!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your next step!!
I traveled sans spouse both times. The first time with two friends, the second time alone. The alone time was the absolute best.

Kathy said...

Congratulations!!! I have traveled with the whole family and then with my oldest daughter only. Both were great. What a wonderful time for your family.

Kathy in VA
April Panda

Amy said...

I traveled with my dad and sister (hubby and 2 boys stayed home) It was perfect!! I loved my time in China and could focus on my new daughter. Don't get me wrong I missed my boys but I wouldn't change the way we did it. My daughter bonded with her daddy and brothers very quickly once we got home. We skyped daily.

Have a wonderful trip


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