Sunday, November 14, 2010

Homestretch or NOT!

This was my post: 

It has been the usual roller coaster these past few weeks... first a holiday interfered with the last steps of our Hague Visa process... then for some inexplicable reason we were asked (as were all parents waiting for TA) to provide an original of a document that we actually provided a year ago - our Letter of Intent to Adopt this specific child. FEDEX promptly lost it for 3 days. So here we are in the final stretch and we don't know if we will actually get our travel approval with our group or not. Infuriating!!  There are always problems, things never go according to plan (for me anyway) and this has one more indication that in spite of all my best efforts, if something can go wrong - something will.  The loss of the 3 days meant our "NEW" Letter of Intent did not get to Portland, OR in time to head to China with the rest of the families' paperwork ours got there a couple days later. So now we are (once again!) in the unhappy position of literally not knowing until they open the DHL (whenever it arrives) if our Travel Invitation is in the bag.  The clock is ticking and I have no idea whether I will be flying on 12/1 or having to delay travel till sometime after the new year. FRUSTRATING beyond what I can handle by myself. 

Some of the things I have noticed lately - is that my patience is wearing thinner than usual with bureaucracy of all kinds. I am still waiting to hear an apology from FEDEX.

This IS my post:

WE GOT TA!!!!! I am leaving for China.. either 12/1 or 12/8!!!!! I am obviously hoping for 12/1!!!

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