Friday, February 09, 2007

Live from New York it's.......... EFP!!

Moments ago I captured the essence of EFP! This is what she looks like seconds before bed... after chasing Mommy and Daddy around the house for a little while and before the rocking, singing, book reading and other pre-tuck-her-in activities. I actually asked her to let me take her picture and say "Cheese" which she is obviously happy to do! She did think to ask her trusty assistant (DAD) to hold her pacey "baby ready for her close up!" IS she the sweetest or what!
Styling: Mommy
Dress: Lands End (18 mos - still too big!)
Pants: Baby Gap (also 18 mos - swimming on her)
Tude: All hers!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That little sweetis is just too cute for words!! Can you believe that they are almost TWO!!!!!! :::::sniff, sniff:::::
How did you make out on your fingerprint field trip??? Hope all went well and you are feeling better. Talk to you soon!


Beckyb said...

She's a hunny - and I love the TUDE!!!!

Joanne said...

Oh, she is just PRECIOUS! Hope fingerprinting went well (and you "had" prints! I was told, mine were practically nonexistent!!).

MomEtc. said...

How darling! Our baby daughter's really are growing into little girls!

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