Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Worth the Wait!

Happy Valentine's Day!
One year ago tonight I was anxiously packing and so excited I could not sleep. We were preparing to leave for China for our grand adventure! I was so aprehensive and yet so happy to be leaving, finally!

This is worth the wait in every respect!

Can you believe the Ladybugs*? I know that EFP had help in selecting and acquiring this - and I am so impressed with DH! Especially since the weather derailed my little surprise. Luckily I will have an opportunity to make it up to him. The card, plus the gorgeous pink roses, is more than I really needed to tell me what a lucky Mommy & DW I am!

*How freaky is it that the bugs kinda look like me and EFP?


LaLa said...

Happy Valentines' Day the card. Yes, our girls were definitely worth all the wait and worry.

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

I love the slide show. EFP is beautiful... Here's to a quick LID fo rthe next one....


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