Sunday, July 22, 2007


It is done! All 759 pages! I finished the book a short time ago and then answered the call of the Mommy needing. I received the book yesterday at about 1pm and read a bit before leaving for a well needed dinner and a movie with Auntie Ren. We saw, what else, HP & TOOTP and it would take a whole other post to discuss the rude obnoxious movie patrons we were subjected to. I am just disgusted at how little courtesy is shown toward others. All around us people talked non-stop during the movie- even after several polite requests to please be quiet. I mean the last movie I saw before this was before we had even traveled to China! I was really looking forward to see this and I can't understand why people can be so rude?

So I read a bit yesterday and then today... till it was finished. I will begin reading it again for nuance immediately. It was good... I laughed, I cried and on one or two occasions - I exclaimed. I won't bother with the spoilers - either you won't care or you are reading it yourself and have no desire to know what I do at this point. I will say I was more right than wrong and I am proud that I was loyal to a certain character all along - never doubting at all.

Indeed - I had already figured out one major piece of information that helped enormously in barreling to the end of the series. I am sad to have it go and now have only to look forward to the remaining movies. It will be worth it!


chloesmama said...

I read the book this weekend, too, and LOVED IT!! WOW!!! We left Chloe with my sisters so we could see the movie with my 11-yr. old stepdaughter last Thursday. We went to the first show, and it wasn't so bad. I've not been to a movie in a long time, too, but people were getting really rude then. That's why we picked the first show on a weekday. Impossible to do during the school year and "normal" work schedules...

amy said...

I have never read a HP book but a lot of people were reading this weeend..I think thats so cool!

Kaylie said...

Mom is trying to put her hand on a copy but it seems to be rare around Montreal. An exclusive pipe of information revealed that Grandma has one and she's done reading it too...

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