Thursday, March 06, 2008

5 Days and counting... (Down!)

Yes - we are getting ever closer to our little boy and I am fairly certain that we have cornered the market on things Dora, chocolate and travel remedies... LOL

The shoppin- to-be ready goes apace and the "Great Pack" has not actually begun... though there is a staging area! I have yet to find the one 'don't leave home without it item - Pedialyte Powder' and that is disappointing... I am now considering bringing unfrozen pops in a ziplock! Can I tell you how many ziplocks I now possess...? Yes, too many! We have snacks. we have bubbles, we have color wonders, we have 101 puppies on dvd, we have socks, vaseline, saline, pepto, and so many other things that I can't imagine I will ever feel like packing again! But, I know we will because we are taking at least two small weekend trips with both kids.. one in May and another in June... YIKES! It is crazy to say the least! Our flights and hotels are booked.. including the fantastical Disney in Hong Kong and after some (tiny) deliberation we are staying the the world-famous White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou (instead of the roomier but less grand Victory). I figure after "roughing it" in LanZhou - I will need some pampering! and French Toast! In any case, I am wrapping up work - but have to complete a crucial federal report so I will be working some even as we travel. Tomorrow will be my last full day and then I can concentrate on packing and finalizing a few details.. our house-sitter and cat-keeping will arrive on Wednesday.. and we are taking a limo again so we can sneak out of and back into the country without any fanfare!

Our EFP is getting very excited... about the plane, the train, the boat, the hotel, the Great Wall, no school (child-care) and the hint of pressies.. but NOT her big brother! She is still saying she would prefer some pets, a few farm animals and some things that properly belong in a zoo.
Uh Oh! Are there enough M&Ms in the world to bribe her do you think?


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall wanting a farm in my backyard as we were growing up.....she is really just like me!!!! See....we got each others daughters!!! Sissy

Cathryn said...

We'll be with you in spirit my friend!!

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