Sunday, April 27, 2008

2 incredibly silly kids!

I have PROOF that I have two of the silliest children ever to be in my home - or in a laundry hamper! The kids had a very silly day - and this is just a small sample. Aunt Meesh & Uncle Toenail were here for a visit and the kids turned Uncle T into a "Monster" who chased and tickled and roared and wrestled till the kids were exhausted - way to go Uncle T!! DH had to put in a day at the library and frankly the two of them are so... well, uh.. um... exuberant that I didn't know what I was going to do with them... so I popped over to good ol' Nana & Papa's and figured that there was some safety in numbers.... and it was a great idea! We just stayed for a couple hours and the kids played T' Ball and ran after the monster. I don't have T' Ball pics - because I was actually ... drum roll please.... KNITTING! That is right... a few moments of knitting happened today.. so sorry about that.

On happier notes - we have progress in so many areas with our amazing little boy. He is learning more words every day and he is speaking so well it is truly a miracle. He just realized today he can click his tongue to the roof of his mouth and it makes a noise (AWESOME). He is eating well - we still have him on a liquid diet but I let some pears ripen and peeled and sliced them and he was able to eat that with no possibility of damage. I really believe our surgeon will release him on Tuesday to go back to school and move up to soft foods. I look in there all the time and he is looking great. I know I should have taken some before and after pics... but he is already conditioned to open his mouth if a flashlight is in the vicinity - I didn't want to start him having that reaction to the camera. He is gaining in being affectionate (to me and close family) every day. He gave hugs and kisses to Nana and Papa yesterday for the birthday celebration and then again today - he now will let me hold and kiss him multiple times.. and runs to me when I come home from work or whatever. He is beginning to be a little assertive with EFP (particularly around his stuff) and stick up for himself - which is a good sign. He is able to stick his hand out for her to return something that is his - and he is no bully, which I am grateful for. She is still a little girl and so doesn't really understand how important his things are to him. They do play nice a lot - I just have to watch for the green-eyed monster on both sides. It is interesting though - that from totally opposite ends of the field - they both end up in the same place. She is so secure in her place and with her people and things and he is still thinking that this could all end tomorrow... so they are both territorial and jealous. I believe all will really be well.

On a final note - let me say for the record... I was right. He is a truly amazing child and he could not have been ANY ONE ELSE'S SON but OURS! He is my DH to a (much smaller) T and in a way - they are more perfect for each other than anyone realizes. As to this Mommy's heart - he is everything I could want in a son.... and then some. His smile just melts my heart. All is well and my dear dear children and simply the best best best decision I ever made. Both.

Big Cheezy Smile!

Mugging for Mommy

Believe it or not she did this herself - it is a hamper!

EFP thinks this is hysterical! What is it with kids and clothes hampers?

"Brudder" Can't figure out why she has done this, but he wants her to be out!
So he helps her out!


MomEtc. said...

The kids are so beautiful together! Such a joy!

David and Lisa said...

I am sorry I am so far behind!! I'm glad the surgery went well, the kids look like they are having an amazing time together!! You are all in my thoughts! Hope we get to meet the Emperor in person soon.

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

So glad everything has worked out. He is so adorable and empress is stunning. I have been secretly lurking and following your journey.


Laura L. said...

Love your new bloggy look! It's great. So great to read about how wonderfully things are going and how happy you all are. Did my heart good. :)

akindofmagick said...

Oh, Missy - it was so good to read this posting and see all the happy pics!! I'm sure there are still many hurdles to overcome, but this would be true regardless of where our children come from (e.g. bio/adopted)!! Warm hugs from all of us!!

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