Sunday, December 14, 2008

Feast for your eyes!

EBB's First encounter with the man in red - it goes well!
EFP in very chic holiday wear - she is wearing very sparkly SILVER shoes - not the dainty black patent maryjanes I selected. "Moooom, it's a PARTY - I wear my PARTY shoes!"

The finest alapaca anywhere!

Yes - these are my silly babies!

Silly boy!

Serious computer guy!

Ice Cream Eating Boy!

2 silly kids with one silly auntie!

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."

Ice Cream eating girl!

Here are my darlings - in various poses, settings and stages of cuteness. I think they are simply scrumptious!


amy said...

Such sweet faces..Looks like everyone had a good time

Michele said...

Beautiful/handsome as always. We had a blast. Thanks for sharing our special "moment." LOL

Life is good...

Michele, girls and Nana

Beverly said...

great pics. of course you wear party shoes to a party!! everybody knows that!

Riky said...

love the pictures

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