Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Three Years!

How is it possible that three years have vanished in the blink of an eye? 12/8/05 to 12/8/08 and yet the pain (fearing yet another month of disappointment) and joy of that day three years ago is as fresh as if it was yesterday. I still remember every aspect of the day - waiting for the phone to finally ring after the months of uncertainty, FINALLY getting the call and hearing those words "Congratulations Mommy - you have a daughter!" Words - I never thought to hear were suddenly there. As it happens I got to spend 12/8/08 with that daughter as she and I have both been sick with bronchitis. I told her all about how excited we were to learn that she was our daughter, that I couldn't even find a pen to write the info, I was crying too hard. That people came from all over the building to share in our joy... and how it was only the SECOND best day ever. The first best day was still a few months away. How to describe to this child the sheer joy that comes from being her Mommy? How I still don't know to what karmic offering I owe the gratitude for being given HER specifically. She didn't care - just wanted an ice pop to sooth her aching throat.
I told her about the champagne we popped open and how we celebrated with friends (who also received a phone call that day!) and made the restaurant people laugh.
She asked me a question I have been pondering ever since "Mommy, do you know everything about me?" I answered - "Yes, darling mine, I know everything there is to know about you." She answered "Good, I thought so, all right!" Of course the answer is really far more complicated - but for now and under the circumstances - yes, I know all there is to know. I know her because she is my heart. With feet, with wings - with her own mind - but my heart in every possible way.
Funny - how some words really do change everything. "Congratulations Mommy, you have a daughter"
Are there any better words? I have to say - that in the last three years I have yet to find any. (except perhaps, the equally joy filled: Congratulations Mommy, you have a son!)
Congratulations to all the Moonbeam Mommies and Daddies who are likewise looking back and remembering a day that is surely etched in our collective memory as simply the happiest day of our lives up to that point.


Jennifer said...

Happy referrsal day to you!!! Wasn't that a great day!!!


Michele said...

Happy (belated) Family Day!!!! Oh, I remember that day so clearly. It was LATE in China and I wanted to quickly log on to let everyone at home know how we were doing. I logged on and I saw your post that you got your referral. We were all SOOOO excited and we couldn't wait to call. I love the Daddy's response when I called and said..."Congratulations, this is Michele in China." He was so puzzled about who exactly would be calling him from CHINA. How I wished we could just smuggle her out in our luggage or at least whisper sweet messages to her that Mommy and Daddy were on their way. We were soooo close. I am so happy to be a part of her life and watching her blossom has been a joy.
Congratulations to all of you!!
Michele, Emily and Alyssa (and Nana too).

monica said...

Great blog! I found you on the adoptcleft group and have added your fantastic blog to my favorites. Your kids are adorable! Monica

Alan and Jodi said...

Thank you for sharing your joy! I'm waiting (and waiting...and waiting...) and looking forward to that day as well, that day that I can finally be a Mommy.
-Jodi (& Alan, too!)
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Mommy to Three said...

What a joyous day that was! It's hard to believe that it has been 3 years. We are getting ready to celebrate Maggie's 3 year Gotcha Day on 1/9. ~Love ya, Jane

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