Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lingering on sadness....

I was trying so hard not to do this. Not to have to pour out the grief here. It has been a sad week for all of us - but especially for students. I can hardly believe it has happened. All across college and university campuses everywhere = administrators are trying to figure out how to prevent this horror, students are trying NOT to picture themselves in the same situation and parents are sleeping less. There is something that may not be 100% evident to those not lucky enough to work with college students - it is easy to love them. I love teaching my students... having them traipse in and out of my office with their problems, dilemmas and other queries more mundane (will that be on the final?). I love them though - how can one not? They are adults in the making full of suppositions and opinions and eagerly looking forward to the day we constantly tell them to put off for as long as possible. College is the last good time, right? Only not this week. Not for those Virginia kids or any of us who can comprehend that yet another space has been violated. 32 Innocent souls and one poor troubled young man. How do we account for that?

I have been inexplicably mired in sadness - more so than I would normally be. Ah, just another one of the perks of being a mom. In those kids - I see my own child. Do I start praying now - that I will continue to feel that I can allow her the freedom to go "away" to college if she wishes? Will this be one of the reasons I provide for why that is not a good idea? Will I think on the tears of the parents who can never argue with or see their baby again when I schedule our college tours? Can I overcome the fear to let her go where she feels she should go... or will these hours color my decision.

It is all so sad. I feel somehow we are responsible for this crazy world we have forced our young people to deal with. That some great oversight on our part has led to this horribly altered world where something as simple as taking a class can be ended tragically. So many will think they understand or can blame - but just like all parents colleges also have to balance protection with freedoms, concern with safety. Our students are adults - and deserve the respect and autonomy that they have earned - but they are still our children and they deserve our caring.

I do hope that the families and friends of those who are effected by this terrible ordeal will know that there are people all over the world who are thinking of them, praying for them and wishing them some solace in this cruel event. Hokies - you have my deepest sympathies.

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