Monday, April 09, 2007

Post Rabbit Bliss

Welcome Caroline Grace - 8 lbs 14 oz 4/5/07 at 9:54 AM!! Our newest family member and EFP's Cousin.

We had a very quiet holiday weekend. EFP and I were both recovering from the mysterious illness that had us both coughing and choking and in general being miserable. She is still coughing and I am still sick - but we are both on the mend on some level. Since no one was available due in part to aforementioned welcome arrival we decided to skip Easter entirely. It was actually not so bad, though at the last minute I was missing roasted Lamb and Potatos I did not miss the mess or anything else. I also missed our family company - but again we were so under the weather that I really didn't mind being home all day. I started work on another blanket at EFP's request since she was rather upset that the one I have just completed was not for her. :-(

EFP also decided she wanted a purple one - which is ironic since my very first blanket was purple and was originally for her but went to a different baby since our wait was so long and unpredictable. An identical blanket actually got misdirected/taken by the postal service on route to China for a friend. I still have to replace that blanket but as usual I am behind in maki g blankets so I don't know when I will finish up and get back to that one. Too bad it is impossible to knit two at the same time...

I am back at work after travel and sick time... still feel kinda yucky but I have so much to do I really needed to get back into the office. Feeling bad also for the waiting families out there - the news never seems to be good these days. Apparently - only two days of LIDs recieved referrals in this latest batch. At that rate it really will be three years for us. I am REALLY ok with it.. but I know there are some broken hearted and despairing parents. I wish they could know what I know... I was SO one of them while we were waiting and our wait lengthened. I was angry, disbelieving, anxious, afraid and despairing of ever becoming a mother - on this side of things I still can remember how it felt but the fact is that just as all those who went before me had said it really does become a faded memory after you are home and living life with a child. I know that the benefit of adopting again after the first is the feeling of (somewhat) certainlity that this road will end with a child and that the happiness will allow us to separate the bad feelings from the good. I feel this journey in such a different way than it was the first time. I still feel bad for those waiting families and wish they could believe it will all be ok in time. Perhaps the most valuable lesson for me was that patience really is it's own reward. Perhaps I am able to be more patient this time... for EFP's sake and that of our second child, I sincerely hope so!!

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Heather said...

Hope you are all feeling better. I enjoyed your blog and look forward to following your second journey to China. We are also waiting on our second child.

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