Saturday, April 14, 2007

MY Amazing Sister!

Made this amazing Irish Step Dancing Solo Dress for an American Girl doll to be raffled off to support the Drumcliffe School of Irish Dance - Binghamton Travel Fund where my exceptionally talented niece is in training. The raffle will raise money to send the dancers who qualify to the world competition in Ireland.
Can you believe that this is a on-of-a-kind handmade? I think it is gorgeous makes me want to strap on some gillies and get hoofing! So I am giving you a link to my sister if you want more information, would like to place an order for your AG doll loving girl or whatever! My sister is also making solo dresses for real girls! A while ago I posted a picture of the dress she made for my neice - it is truly beautiful a real work of art. As is my niece - who is also a work of art homemade by my sister (well and her DH) and even prettier than the dress! I would love for any of my Irish Dance enthusiasts to give a shout out to my sister and compliment her hard work! I love ya sis!

1 comment:

dublin said...

Your sister is obviously creatively talented!!!


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