Thursday, July 19, 2007

This just in!!!

It is a very sad day here in the Palace. We have found out that we can never again drink fruppacino in the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, PRC. Public Protest Clears Forbidden City of Sturbacks!It is indeed a very sad day here in the Palace. Although I hold the memories of our trip to China near to my heart and I know that our return trip will be just as sweet.... there is a part of me that is so sad that this little travesty of cultural imperialism with not be there. I was never so happy to see that green dot as I was that day... although there have been times when the cuppa was just as badly needed and dearly loved. Oh, I just don't know if I can even bear to return to Beijing! Perhaps we will have to travel Through HK - though I am thinking a stop in Shanghai would be a nice treat!!! It is just hard to imagine a world where the bastion to consumerism and imperialism is not being sheltered in the arms of the what was once the most exclusive and off-limits place in the world... yea, that does not actually seem right! Well, as usual I felt you should know that this has happened.

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LaLa said... totally busted by our travel guide for slipping away for a Starbucks treat...YUM

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