Sunday, July 08, 2007

WOW, Miss T is how old...........?

Why she is 11!! Thank you so much for asking! 11 Years ago - a person was born who is the essence of heart and soul for me. I never knew until the minute my sissy gave birth to Miss T - the meaning of the words unconditional love. I an so lucky to have a sister who had two such amazing children. I am thankful everyday - for without my niece there would never have been an EFP! She is:

1. 11 years old today July 8th, 2007 (they are on their way back from the national championships that were held in Canada and I don't think they had access so I am posting this late).

2. An amazing Irish Step Dancer who competes in Prelim Champion level (AWESOME)

3. AN incredibly gifted and talented young lady

4. A very funny person

5. Incredibly intuitive and emotionally sensitive

6. Smart in all the right ways

7. Crafty and artistic

8. Dramatic and poised, Silly and musical

9. Kind to animals and her little brother (she saved him from a bear once)

10. Helpful to have around (understands the packing shoes rules)

10.25 A great and sincere friend

10.5 Imaginative and ingenious

10.75 Loving and lovable!!

11. Beautiful - inside and out!

Love - Aunt Sissi, Uncle G and EFP!!! We love you and we are so proud of you all the time!!!

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amy said...

What a lovely post!

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